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The Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier, although the largest of the terriers, is also the calmest and most eager to please, because of the hound blood in his background.

Originating in the valley of the Aire in England, he is a cross between the old English Terrier and the Otterhound, creating an all-purpose dog that could hunt on land or in water. He was put together by the working class subjects, who needed a quiet dog that they could use to poach on their masters land without being caught.

Over the years, the Airedale has developed into a dog that can do anything any other dog can do and do it better if his owners are smart enough to teach him! A detailed description of his size, weight and physical characteristics can be found in the breed standard under "Your Airedale" by going to www.airedale.org.

He is equally at home on a ranch, keeping the mountain lions away from the cattle, in a condominium with a walk around the block or jog in the park, or just lying next to your chair while you read a book. A loving playmate with your children, he deserves the same love and kindness from them that you would expect for any new family member. The Airedale has a jolly, friendly personality and although he will not back down if challenged, he is not a troublemaker and gets along nicely with other animals.

The fact that the Airedale is not a "yappy" dog makes him an excellent watchdog. If he barks, there is a reason. They do not just bark at a leaf going by the window. Used extensively in WW1, he earned the reputation of "King of the Terriers" because of his devotion and courage.

Having your Airedale groomed four times a year with a regular weekly brushing and combing will keep him looking great and enable you to make sure he is in proper weight, as a dog in full coat can look big and healthy, but be underweight beneath all that hair. It will also prevent him from "shedding" and allow most folks with allergies to own one.

The Airedale is a very hearty breed and although he can get anything any other breed can have, there is no illness that is breed specific.

Raising an Airedale pup is just like raising children. They need socialization, consistency, and lots of love, praise and direction. Your breeder should be available to answer questions and help avoid problems. Contact them as soon as you perceive a problem, not after one has gotten out of hand and you will end up with the best companion you could ever have for your children and yourself!

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About Airedales

Airedales are medium-sized, with an AKC breed standard height of approximately 23 inches at the shoulder. Females are slightly less. Typical weight for females is 40-50 lbs., with males slightly more. The coat is wiry, black and tan in color, with a softer undercoat. An Airedales temperament is more reserved than that of other terrier breeds, though they are self-confident and should not be shy when meeting new people. Airedales are intelligent and playful, and patient with other pets and children.